Stretch, cleanse, re-align and relax with Healing Sound & Yoga

Karen Ward will be returning to Ferne Animal Sanctuary for another yoga retreat joined by healing sound practitioner, Alexandra Simson.

Come along on Sunday 6th October and give yourself some valuable time out on the mat.

In this retreat you will be releasing tension with yoga and breathwork.

Followed by a sound bath and full moon meditation with the gongs – to deeply relax and realign.

The pure harmonics of these extraordinary instruments soothe and slow your busy mind into a meditative state while the vibrations gently restore resonance and harmony throughout your physical and non-physical body. Deeply restorative and rejuvenating, by the end you’ll feel beautifully calm and relaxed.

Your time together will close with some light snacks

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Please note that although gong baths have healing properties, it is advisable to avoid them if you have undergone major surgery within the past 6 weeks, are in the first trimester of pregnancy, or have been diagnosed with epilepsy.