The Dorset Years


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This is an inspirational true story, which starts at the outbreak of the Second World War.

Amidst hysteria and concern over the forthcoming war, many pet owners made the sad decision to have their pets put to sleep. Other owners, leaving to fight in the war or evacuating their homes in the cities, were simply desperate to find safety for the pets from whom they were to be separated.

Nina, Duchess of Hamilton and Brandon was a well-known animal lover and was determined to help as many of these animals as she could. Her country home, Ferne Estate, would ultimately provide safety and sanctuary to many thousands of pets over the war years and beyond. Little did they realise an animal sanctuary had been founded that would continue the work of rescuing and rehoming pets to this day.

This somewhat unconventional book is a concise compilation of historical records comprising a reprint of the Duchess of Hamilton and Brandon’s own account, “The Chronicles of Ferne”, which details life at Ferne Animal Sanctuary during the 1940s, together with additional material relevant to the Sanctuary whilst based on the Ferne Estate near Shaftesbury in Dorset.

This book is our tribute to a truly inspirational lady - Nina, Duchess of Hamilton and Brandon.

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