Our Animals for Sponsorship

At Ferne we have over three-hundred resident animals that need life-long care.

Your sponsorship means we can feed, care for and provide further enrichment for our much-loved residents.

Sponsorship packs include a sponsorship certificate with animal photograph and story, a free one-day pass to visit your sponsored animal, our @Ferne Magazine issued three times a year and updates on your sponsored animal. Please note if purchasing sponsorship by Direct Debit, your pack will be sent upon receipt of the first payment. Sponsorship packs are posted to UK addresses only, however digital packs can be sent for orders overseas.

Why don’t you make a gift of your sponsorship? Choose who you would like to sponsor and give it to the person who has everything! Or treat yourself, or a child – you’ll feel great and our animals will be happy and content.


Animal : Pig

Breed : Mangalitsa / Saddle Back X

Sex : Female

Colour : Black

About me :

Billie arrived in 2018 with her Mum Blossom as their previous owner became unwell and unable to give them the care they needed. Billie loves a belly scratch and will roll over at the fence for anyone willing to offer this. Our pig enclosure is enriched with activities to keep them amused and the water container filled with pig nuts is Billie’s favourite game, she is often found carrying it around the field! Pigs will be pigs and there’s nothing Billie likes more than rolling in the mud and trying to splash visitors.


Animal : Cat

Breed : Domestic Long Hair

Sex : Male

Colour : Black

About me :

Oscar came to us as stray in June 2021. Unfortunately, he was heavily matted when he arrived and it was causing him great discomfort. Thankfully our amazing animal care team looked after him and made him much more comfortable. Oscar has really made himself at home with us and can be quite bossy with the other cats!


Animal : Pony

Breed : Miniature Shetland

Sex : Male

Colour : Cream Dun

About me :

Arnie is a miniature Shetland and he stands at an impressive 30 inches tall! Arnie was a companion for his owners Daughters horse who was sold so he was then no longer needed. He was really well looked after by his owners and is in excellent condition, considering his health issues. Arnie has Equine Metabolic Syndrome, Cushings and Sarcoids, which makes him extremely difficult to re-home due to him needing very careful management and requiring medication twice daily for the rest of his life (this is likely to increase as he ages). He is only 9 years old and he could live into his 30s, maybe longer!! Despite his young age, he is a bit like a little old man! He is really sweet and quiet, although he will give Wotsit as good as he gets if there is a bit of hay they both want.


Animal : Horse

Breed : Hannovarian X TB

Sex : Male

Colour : Bay

About me :

Gordon was found abandoned in a field in the middle of winter. He was cold and starved, suffering from malnutrition which led to serious gastric ulcers. Gordon’s diet had to be carefully monitored to bring him back to full strength and he underwent extensive physiotherapy to improve his mobility. Gordon is extremely handsome but due to his anxiety issues and the behaviours this can cause, can be unpredictable, so he enjoys peace and quiet with his friends away from the busier parts of the Sanctuary. He has constant companionship, free access to forage and the choice of whether to be in or out at any time.

The Guinea Pigs

About us :

Ferne currently provides a home for 17 guinea pigs and these little guys all have a large enclosure with plenty of enrichment. For this reason, we do not usually rehome our guinea pigs as we believe moving them from the Sanctuary would not benefit their wellbeing. They live in several groups with lots of company, which guinea pigs love! Their enclosures provide them with lots of places to hide when the Sanctuary is busy. This is a natural behaviour for little prey animals Guinea pigs do not produce their own vitamin C so they require large quantities of daily fresh fruit and vegetables, if you are nice and quiet you will see them having a good old munch, otherwise they will hide away in one of their many hiding places!