A hamster at Ferne Animal Sanctuary

Educational Visit Information


Prices for educational visits are based on the normal entrance fee of £3.95 per child.  The discount that educational groups receive is that supervising adults will go free in the ratio (or part thereof) of 1:2 for Reception and pre-school, 1:6 for KS1 and 1:10 for KS2 and above.

Also we are now offering all educational groups that haven’t been to Ferne before a free Discovering & Learning session or tour as part of their first visit. (Tours and sessions are normally an additional £1 per child (minimum £20.)


Group Numbers

Ferne is able to take a maximum of 60 children (usually two classes) at a time.  This is due to limited facilities and space, plus the fact that we have to think about the well-being of our animals.  We also think that children will get more out of a visit if just one class came at a time.  One option, which would also maximise coach cost efficiency, is to have one class visit in the morning, and one in the afternoon – this is particularly suitable for local and/or Reception and pre-school classes.


Group Visits to Ferne can be anytime from 9:00 until 5:00 (daylight permitting).   We may even be able to do later tours with prior arrangement.  Schools usually arrive between 9:30 and 10:30 depending on locality, and leave by about 2:15.  We do recommend a half day visit for Reception age or younger, as that still leaves plenty of time to see all the animals here.

Discovery and Learning Sessions and tours last between 45 mins to an hour.


The Sanctuary has a free car park, but for safety reasons during peak times (April -September) coach drivers will need to drop classes off and can park at a nearby lay-by on the A30.  From October-March coaches can stay and take up car a row of the car park.

Lunchtime Arrangements

We have an Education Room where lunch can be eaten as well for storing bags.

We also have a large covered gazebo where a class can have lunch undercover, and various other places suitable for a dry weather picnic.


Call us on 01460 65214 or e-mail education@ferneanimalsanctuary.org for bookings or more information.