Corporate sponsorship

There are many ways businesses can sponsor Ferne Animal Sanctuary and help save the lives of the 300 animals in its care. Events can be sponsored and corporate fundraising is now very much recognised as a way of benefiting the businesses that sponsor and the charities they support. Please help by sponsoring Ferne Animal Sanctuary and reap the benefits that this can bring to your business.

If your business is looking for effective and positive PR, corporate sponsorship is ideal. Corporate sponsorship can provide your business with cost-effective advertising and promotion by association with organisations such as Ferne.

Corporate Sponsorships at Ferne Animal Sanctuary are designed to give your company a cost-effective way to raise your company profile and reach target customers.

When considering corporate sponsorship, please keep in mind some of the benefits of choosing Ferne:

  • Ferne is built upon green and ethical principles, utilising renewable energy sources, natural and ‘green-sourced’ building materials, and providing conservation areas to the native wildlife.
  • Ferne is an established charitable organisation (over 75 years)
  • Ferne is a favourite, local visitor attraction, reaching the local community and tourist trade

Sponsoring Ferne Animal Sanctuary provides your business with associated advertising opportunities and chances to network in the community with potential customers and business partners. By building a presence in your local community, your company’s public perception can be enhanced, helping improve recruitment campaign effectiveness, and raising the business profile within the corporate community.

Read more in our Ferne Corporate Sponsorship Brochure To become a sponsor, please call 01460 65214 or email